Animals is one of the living creatures live in Planet Earth with other Humans.

List of Animals[edit | edit source]

Mordecai[edit | edit source]


Mordecai is the protagonist character in Steven's rp Wiki. His a Tall Blue Jay with a long legs, handsome hair and a tall body (similar to Margaret's).

Margaret[edit | edit source]

Margaret wedding.jpg

Margaret is one of the main characters in Steven's rp Wiki. She's a Tall Robin with Long legs, she looks similar to Mordecai but with Red fur and good eyes.

Nat Peterson[edit | edit source]

Nat Peterson Full Body.png

Nat Peterson is one of the supporting characters in Steven's rp Wiki. His a 28 ear old fish who has blue fins.

Yang and Yin[edit | edit source]


Yin and Yang are one of the minor animal characters in Steven's rp Wiki. Yin and Yang are the twins and have same shirts and the look same except there furs different and they have no whiskers and they also small as well.

Master Yo[edit | edit source]


Master Yo' is one of the minor animal characters in Steven's rp Wiki. his over age 100 panda that has no cloths but his ninja belt and his fur.

Ralph Bighead[edit | edit source]


Ralph Bighead is one of the supporting character in Wacky Deli. His a small then his father, he has a green skin as a cane toad and has a purple hair, blue pants, Red shirt and has Yellow Shoes.

Ed Bighead[edit | edit source]

DVD Illustration Ed 1.png

Ed Bighead is an anti secondary antagonist in Mordecai's Modern Life. His a big than his son, He has bow tie, 6 hair-spike each side, brown pants, black shoes and green skin.

Chuck and leon[edit | edit source]


Chuck and Leon are both 24-year-old Chameleon Brothers and minor Characters in Mordecai's Modern Life. they both have the same skins, same height and similar personality, and they have different voices.

Herman[edit | edit source]

HERMAN by BunBunBunery.jpg

Herman is the main antagonist in The Ants and 600 Channels of Doom!.He wears an Armour full of iron, he has brown skin and 4 legs.

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