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Battle of The Doomest Doom
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Episode No: 12
Production No: Steven Patro
Airdate: 06/10/14
Cast: Steven Patro as Mordecai
Writer(s): Brandon Buckingham

Battle of The Doomest Doom is the twelve episode in Steven's rp Wiki.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Following Invader protocol, Zim sends out space probes to the planet Mars to see if it has any potential use for the Irken Empire. When his probes bring back images of artificial-looking structures, he flies the Voot Cruiser to Mars with Gir, Mordecai, and Margaret in order to figure out what killed the "Marsoids" who built them. He hopes that whatever destroyed them may also be used to destroy Earth. He stumbles upon the Face on Mars, which turns out to be the control panel to Mars itself, which Ms. Bitters' had converted into a giant spaceship; this ultimately resulted in their extinction. Zim contacts the Tallest and informs them and the Planetary Conversion Team of his plan, and the Irkens cheer for Zim and his efforts. (This is the first time in the series that the People cheer for the heroes; the second is in Boiler Bonanza.)

Zim decides to use Mars to crush out life on Planet Earth. Meanwhile, he calls the Almighty Tallest regularly to fill them in on his plan while the Tallest are busy performing the Organic Sweep on Planet Jail (which includes launching Invader Skoodge in a cannon).

However, Zim's plan is discovered by Chester V, who was monitoring the Mars probe video feed on his computer. He witnessed Zim take control of Mars and began flying it to Earth. Chester V enlists the help of a mysterious NASAPLACE Doomest Doom to help him defend Earth with his own spaceship. This Much to Zim's irritation, Gir takes a nap on his head.ther ship was built on Mercury, similarly to how the Martians built theirs, thus beginning the battle of the Doomest Doom. The battle takes them to the Sun, then to Saturn, but Zim feels unwell, so mordecai has to take his place, but Chester V and Mordecai are evenly matched for most of the fight. In the end, neither Zim nor Dib are the victor; Zim tries to lose Dib in an asteroid belt, but Dib doesn't follow (thinking that going into an asteroid belt is "just stupid"), while Zim is rewarded for his rash actions by getting pummelled by asteroids. Chester V would have succeeded in exposing Zim during the battle, but the video cameras he was using to record it were stolen by GIR or Margaret. Zim calls the Tallest later to tell them he wanted to do a warm-up before he conquers Earth, calling himself an 'unstoppable death machine'. This brings gales of laughter erupting from the Tallest and other Irkens as the episode ends.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first episode that has double length episode

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