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Character Statistics
Gender: female
Age Group: 24
Goal: Keep her friends safe from any dangerous villains (especially Dib)
Boyfriend: Mordecai (later husband)
Friends: Mordecai, Zim, Gir, Gaz, Dib, Cheshire Cat, Steven Patro, Venus, Nat Peterson, Jason (sometimes), Noe, Ms. Bitters, Zita, Keef (formerly)
Enemies: Chester V (formerly), Almighty Tallest, Soldiers (sometimes), Dib (formerly) The Queen of Spades, Hologram Chester V's (possibly formerly), Zita (formerly), Keef, Smoke (main enemy), Mirrors
Production Info
Voiced by: Hailey
First Appearance: The Heroes Begins
Last Appearance: Night Falls

Margaret is the tritagonist Steven's rp Wiki. she loves Mordecai very much and hangs out with her friends. Margaret is a female robin.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She use to be Zim and Gir's Boyfriend.
  • In season 4, she's more intelligent and somewhat indifferent to Zim.
  • In Mini-Mordecais, she revealed that she and Mordecai can be married one day.
  • She formerly Hates Zita.
  • Margaret and Ella-Mental possibly hates each other more then Smoke.
  • In Old Skool, She doesn't mind to build something she dislikes or likes about for Ms. Bitters.
  • In Steven's You!, She was small in the real World with Mordecai.
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