Steven's rp Episode
Return of Doom
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Airdate: 2016
Writer(s): Brandon Buckingham

Return of Doom is one of the un-finished alike movie in Steven's rp Wiki.

Plot[edit | edit source]

after the Wacky Deli, At Planet Jail, The Alien Kid accidentally touched the "Doom" machine on Planet Earth. Mean While at Planet Veldin, Mordecai, Gir and Zim watches TV and Margaret brings out the Pepsi pepper, suddenly the news said the Earth is Doom again and Zim has no choice but to go save the earth again with his gang. Sizz-Lorr brings out Carl the Evil Cockroach Wizard out to Stop Mordecai once again.

After Carl got the Earth, he takes over Danotor and uses his Minions. When Mordecai and his friends got there, they got so shocking, that they can see Carl with their friends but unfortunately for Mordecai, he doesn't have any powers, then Yin Yang appears and gives Mordecai the power of aura and defeats Carl from the battle of Doom. Later at Veldin, the Earth still does doom, so Zim made the Invader Helmet for any enemies, can he?

Characters[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

This looks similar like Those!.

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