Steven's rp Episode
Steven's What?
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Previous: The Journal
Production No: Steven Patro
Writer(s): Brandon Buckingham

Steven's What? is the seventy two episode in Steven's rp Wiki. This also is the finale episode in this wikia.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Eradicus has gathered the required information from Steven Patro and Zim about the most lethal power to use against a Woo Foo warrior: the Woo Foo Aura Drain.

As Eradicus initiates his final assault on the town, the Woo Foo Army is prevented from fighting by their respective families. To make matters even worse, Margaret's Aura is completely drained by him! The only known cure for an Aura Drain is having an aura donor, which must be a parent.

With this realization, Mordecai and Margaret begin a search for the parents they've never known, only to be led into a trap and subsequently imprisoned in Eradicus's cave by Mordecai's Walloper. There, they find Steven and Zim unconscious. However it seems Mordecai's Walloper has not misguided them. Unknowingly, Mordecai transfers part of his aura into Zim's body, who in turn saves Margaret. Both are dumbfounded by the scenario. But then Zim explains that he is Mordecai and Margaret's biological father after catching a glimpse of his life so far (the "Edge of Aliveatude") in his stasis state.

Mordecai, Zim, Steven and Margaret then finally make their escape from their holding cell and immediately hurry to the town to engage in one final battle against Eradicus! But even with their Auras combined, the tide of the battle is still tipped to Eradicus' favor. In a remarkable turn of events, all the members of The Heroes have been given permission by their parents to fight Eradicus and his Army. The entire Woo Foo army then lend their Woo Foo Energies, resulting into an Aura of even greater size and power! With the combined efforts of Mordecai, Zim, Margaret and their Heroes, Eradicus is finally defeated and he, his minions and his army are banished into a dimensional vortex, the same fate of the Night Master since Night Falls.

After, a montage is presented, showcasing the Woo Foo practitioners regarded for their heroism and continue carrying out their heroic actions. Mordecai, Zim and Margaret are also officially declared Level 2 Woo Foo Knights, leaving them to question Steven on who their creator is. The episode ends with a new main antagonist The Queen of Spades, introduced, and Mordecai, Zim and Margaret yelling out their battle cry - "Steven's! rp! Let's go!" - as they face this new main antagonist...

Characters[edit | edit source]

Main antagonist[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Brandon wishes to continue but he stops to keep going.
  • this is Real finale in this wiki
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