Steven's rp Episode
The Heroes Begins
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Episode No: 01
Production No: steven
Airdate: 26/06/2014
Cast: Steven as Mordecai
Writer(s): Brandon

The Heroes Begins (or The Pilot) is the first episode in Steven's rp Wiki.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The Almighty Tallest are gathering all the heroes to go to The Queen of Spades' Base one day but there's a good guy who's also good: Mordecai. Mordecai wants to join but the tallest refuses. red has a plan to get rid of him or get him to die and the tallest tells him to set a base if he can join them. Meanwhile, Zim sets a home-base at night and they like it, but it took 6 months to finish it. Later, they are in Skool with Ms. Bitters, The Queen of Spades ties to tell people they look different but people doesn't believe her. after skool, the Queen of Spades gets them with a pursuit. Zim calls Gir for help and he did, back to the base after the pursuit, Mordecai calls the Tallest, but they were shocked that he was alive. Gir was running away from the Soldiers. Mordecai says that they'll call them soon, but then Gir jumps on mordecai then breaks his spine. the Tallest were screaming horrifying then the screen starts to go static. the end

Characters[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • this is similar like and the nearly the same name as The Nightmare Begins in Inavder Zim.
  • in the beginning, it reveled about when Mordecai gets out from Planet Jail because he failed so many times.
  • the baze is actually a underground inside The Base-House.
  • The Tallest are not heroes

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