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Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Age Group: 12
Lives In: The Heroes' Base
Goal: *Help Mordecai to pass hero II (series)
*Stop Chester V for ruling the world with Auto (The Movie)
*Stop Mordecai for causing perils (Invader Mordecai)
Brothers: Old Man Zim

Human Zim

Ex-Girlfriend: The Queen of Spades
Wife: Auto
Grandparents: The Queen of Spades

Almighty Tallest

Pets: Earl
Owners: Almighty Tallest
Friends: Mordecai, Margaret, Gir, Gaz, Dib (Occasionally), Benson, Human Zim, Old Man Zim, Invader Skoodge, The Queen of Spades, Venus, Cheshire Cat, Auto, Earl
Enemies: Night Master, Almighty Tallest, Soldiers, Jason (formerly), Dib (formerly), Chester V (formerly), Hologram Chester V's, Skool YoungAdults, Maudeline Everglot, Finis Everglot, Ed Bighead (formerly), Smoke, Mirrors, Eradicus
Employment: as an invader

as a woo foo ninja (Yin Yang Zim

Production Info
Voiced by: Brandon Buckingham
First Appearance: The Heroes Begins
Last Appearance: Steven's What?

Zimis an Irken Alien who works with The Almighty Tallest. his the true main protagonist in Steven's rp Wiki. He works as one of the Heroes during the Heroes Hall room. His also one of the main smartest heroes in the club until Mordecai escapes from Planet Jail. He (occasionally) turns evil in some episodes witch makes him a antagonist. His the Main antagonist in Dark Harvest because he wants to steal people Organs (except the Nurse) to make sure someone doesn't know about he doesn't have an Alien organs. His also the Main Protagonist in Invader Cat,Gir Goes Crazy and Stuff  and Invader Mordecai. Although he is the protagonist, Zim is morally, and ethically a villain, being overall a fairly unsympathetic character, though he occasionally shows some kindness towards certain characters, (such as GIR in Walk of Doom), and is usually only causing chaos and destruction for either himself, his own race, or Earth.. And almost everyone else he comes into contact with at any time. His unawareness of his destructive actions is most likely the result of him being a "defect", as revealed in the cancelled episode Invader Mordecai.

Zim's primary desire is to conquer Earth, mostly to prove his superiority and impress his leaders. However, as mentioned by Gaz in a deleted scene Dark Harvest, "He's so bad at it."

Personality[edit | edit source]

Zim's appearance, like that of most of the Irken race, seems to be based off the typical "little green men from outer space" stereotype. Many Irkens are about the size of a preteen schoolchild, but Zim is exceptionally short. In The Heroes Begins, Zim was shown to be even shorter than the notoriously diminutive Skoodge

Zim also has ruby-colored eyes; a very common trait in Irkens. It was also mentioned in Invader Cat that Zim's eyes contain ocular implants. Since the eyes he was born with are not visibly different from subsequent appearances, it can be assumed that these implants are subcutaneous. As he considers himself to still be an Invader, he continues to wear the standard uniform: a red tunic-like garment with a pink collar and sleeves, as well as black boots and gloves.

He also possesses a pair of antennae; their exact function is unknown, but they seem to function like human eyebrows; rising and lowering to convey emotion. It is possible that they also function as an organ in place of ears, as they picked up vibrations in Battle of The Doomest Doom.

relationship[edit | edit source]

  • Mordecai = They have been best friends every since they were babys or they met each other at the space School of heroes (even though zim was a semi-villain.) in Dark Harvest they been enemies because Zim s stealing peoples organs except the nurse, Ms. Bitters and possibly Gir. When Mordecai and Margaret F**ks when Zim sees them, he tries to get rid of them to stop f**king with Jason.
  • Margaret = they usually hang out each other but sometimes they don't get along well, Zim was in love with Margaret before, but when Gir loves Margaret, they broke up but they are still friends, in The Heroes Begins, they talk to each other in the start.
  • Gir = They are friends alright but when Gir does something dumb or insane thing he dislikes him if he broke his master plan. in Cutie Cute he was happy about him when he got a Girlfriend.
  • Invader Skoodge = Invader Skoodge and Zim are both Irken Heroes and semi villains, and both are hated by the Almighty Tallest, for various reasons (namely, their short statures). They have seemingly formed a friendship, despite the way Zim treats Skoodge.
  • Cheshire Cat = according to their friendship, they sometimes dislike each other in Invader Cat but in the end they seem to be friends when zim stops him for taking over Danotor.
  • Chester V = Chester V and Zim are both enemies each other and Chester V occasionally likes Zim because he thinks he is a (semi) Villain but Zim is a hero sometimes not a villain, but in the end of Chester V's life the note says it's his life to be friends with him but Mordecai doesn't want Zim to be friends with him, when Chester V returns, e seemed friendly and not enemies with him anymore.
  • Almighty Tallest = The relationship between Zim and the Almighty Tallest can best be described as tumultuous, at least from the Tallests' point of view. Although they deeply detest him and will do anything to get him out of their way, Zim remains innocently loyal and reasonably obedient to his leaders.
  • Jessica = in Bestest Friend she thinks zim is a gross, disgusting and freak human that has no friends, and zim heard it and they have a strong dislike but in The Movie think they are friends, unknown.
  • Dib = Dib and Zim are usually portrayed as mortal enemies, sometimes as rivals, and occasionally reluctant allies. As the series progresses, they both develop a grudging respect for the other. It is important to note that Dib, like Zim, does not know that Zim's mission is just something to keep him out of the way, and that he is a disgrace to the Irken population. Because he thinks Zim is actually a respected Irken, he is known to question how intelligent the species as a whole may be (i.e. "If Irkens are so advanced, why is your robot such a loser?"). but in The Movie, they work together to stop Auto and Chester V.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Some say that Zim is the main protagonist.
  • He does all the work (Usually) for Mordecai.
  • He possibly Loves Smoke than Auto but they are Related.
  • Herman revels that Zim is terrible at birthdays.
  • He has new Powers since season 4 or 5.
  • He's not the main antagonist in almost every episodes.
  • Zim and Dib are now friends in Season 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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